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📍 Iceland

📍 New York

📍 China


Lovely welcome home package in my office. So thrilled to know about this astronomy artist! Art + Science = AWESOMENESS

📍 California, USA

Dr. Aomawa Shields

The postman just put a smile on my face and the Solar system around my wrist.  Thank you for creating this jewelry! It’s perfect.

📍 Banja Luka, Bosnia

Bernisa Zemic

I substitute teach and always wear my solar system bracelet to science class. All of the kids “ooooh” and “aaaah” over it when I stretch it out to reveal each planet!

📍 Missouri, USA

Sharon S.

Thank you so much for making my bracelet! I also love how you included the asteroid belt! Science is one of my favorite subjects in 5th grade!

📍 New York, USA


OMG we did sidewalk astronomy tonight down by Yale, and I used my astronobeads more than once as an illustration to talk about the planets we were viewing!! I truly believe these beads will take you far AND educate.

📍  Connecticut, USA

Stacey Severn

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