Talia Landman (Joshua Tree National Park, California)

"I wear my solar system bracelet all the time! It's my favorite for hiking and outdoor activities. The bracelets I normally wear dangle and get caught. This one doesn't! Your product is genius!!" 


Jill Baxter (Columbia, Missouri)

"I bought two of them for my best high school girlfriends and sometimes I get a text from one of them and they will say…….I have my bracelet on today, do you?  I I love it when you find a gift that really bonds us even tighter!   We all have the Jupiter & Galilean Moons."


Anne Carey (El Cerrito, California)

"This Solar System bracelet is for both kids and the adults! This bracelet showcases the planets in our solar system and makes a really great set of affirmation beads to help approach every day with positivity. I wear mine all the time!" 


Christene Myers (Torrey Pines, California)

"My solar system bracelet just logged 20,000 miles across the pond and all over southern Europe, Malta and the Greek Isles. Much admired in many languages!"


Marielle Pellegrino (Boulder, Colorado)

"You may have seen Astronobeads solar system bracelet on Scott Kelly’s Instagram but the company produces this other lovely piece I love, the Pale Blue Dot necklace which of course is based on the lovely Carl Sagan quote."


Giulia Bassani (Collegno, Italy)

"The Jupiter & Galilean Moons bracelet is really beautiful and comfortable! Also very important to me. Jupiter was the first cosmic object I have been able to recognize with the naked eye. And my favorite moon ever is Europa."


Steve & Amelia Goldberg (Houston, Texas)

"We got our bracelets today. They are really neat. We will wear them daily. And we'll show them to our club members. It was a pleasure meeting you at the CAST convention."


Bernisa Zemic Jurisic (Banja Luka, Bosnia)

"The postman just put a smile on my face and the Solar system around my wrist.  Thank you for creating this jewelry! It’s perfect."


Esther Trevino (San Diego, California)

"My @astronobeads solar system bracelet comes with me on every space + science adventure go on ❤"


Evelyne Steiner (Brunnen, Switzerland) 

"I've always been fascinated by space 🚀So I'm even more in love with my new necklace from @astronobeads ❤✨ thank you so so much !😘👅" 


Lu Moony (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

"When I first saw @astronobeads bracelet (on @stationcdrkelly's twitter) I fell in love. Glad to have my own #solarsystembracelet now!"


Kelly Weber (St. Louis, MO)

"Absolutely in LOVE with my Astronobeads! They are a constant reminder that even in the darkest of days there is a change coming."


Louisa (New York City, New York)

"Thank you so much for making my bracelet! I love space a lot and was very disappointed when I lose the bracelet. I think it is so cool that you make products including space. I also love how you included the asteroid belt! Science is one of my favorite subjects in 5th grade!"


Glenette Fendley (Acworth, Georgia)

"My grandson’s class was doing a unit on the solar system. He brought in my bracelet and his teacher used it as a teaching tool. She loved it so much I gave her one of her own! The third one I’ve given as a gift."


Stacey Severn (Connecticut, USA)

"OMG we did sidewalk astronomy tonight down by Yale, and I used my astronobeads more than once as an illustration to talk about the planets we were viewing!! I truly believe these beads will take you far AND educate."


Dr. Aomawa Shields (University of California, USA)

"Lovely welcome home package in my office. So thrilled to know about this astronomy artist! Art + Science = AWESOMENESS"


Drew Rogers (Columbia, Missouri)

"It's a true joy to work alongside Bea Doheny. What she's created with Astronobeads is incredible."


Heather Cameron (Rotorua, New Zealand)

"Look at what I received from Astronobeads today! I’m so happy! I feel very special, thank you Bea, you are one in billions and billions. #AstronomicallyInfusedArt"


Erik Halverson (Asker, Norway)

"I have 5 in total now which I have given to people who love astonomy/astrophysics. Norway is spreading the love."  


Micky & Stacey Coggs (Strabane, Ireland)

"Overwhelmed with your kindness and generousity @beadoh and @astronobeads! Go raibh maith agat go mór, tá tú iontach! Thats a bit of Irish language for you to translate!" 


Gaby Cervantes (Cape Town, South Africa)

"Got my obligatory astronobeads pic! Had to bring it with me to Cape Town! So many people complimented me on it and asked how they could get one!"


Erin Greeson (Pasadena, California)

"In Washington D.C. for the #marchforscience. Came in handy during Boss Bill's interview with MTV News. And wearing @astronobeads for good measure. I'm ready to March for Science!"


Dan Chancler (Klamath Falls, Oregon)

"Had to copy @neildegrassetyson and get a Jupiter and Galilean Moons bracelet. So awesome. They have great jewelry. Check em out!" 


Sarah Rachel (Kansas City, Missouri)

"I love @astronobeadsjewelry so of course I had to get their Solar Eclipse Bracelet for the big day 🤓😍🤓😍 #TotalSolarEclipse2017 #SpaceGeek."


Yvette Cendes (Toronto, Canada)

" I now have a Jupiter Bracelet! Turns out when you geek out enough about astronomy on Reddit people send you free stuff!"


Debbie Senesky (Stanford, California)

"Totally freaking (and geeking) out over my birthday gift! 🤓🚀  Thanks, hubby! Love 
@astronobeads#solarsystem #planets #sciencefashion"


Maeve Higgins (New York, New York)

"Thank you @astronobeads for the Pale Blue Dot necklace ✊️🌍❤️"


Serena Taylor (Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York)

"Necklace Party with the Pluto Choker. Thanks to the amazing @astronobeads!! 😍🙏🏼 Check them out, guy's! They've got some incredible pieces!"


Imran Y (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

"Thanks to @astronobeads I been wearing these beads every day since the beginning of it's creation. Jupiter and the four Galilean moons. A powerful reminder of Galileo's discovery of when our world changed forever."


Planetary Society (Pasadena, California)

"Thank you so much for sending us jewelry. We of course immediately scooped them all up and will wear them with space pride. We really do love your stuff. 

And, I gotta say, I really appreciate the sayings you put on the backs of the cards. They're so thoughtful."


Karen Furino (Connecticut, USA)

"I am wearing my solar bracelet as I write this to you. I just wanted to send you a NOte of THANKS... I just read about you on your home page and you have inspired me to also reach for my dreams and reach for the stars so thank you so much...wish you all the best..."


Rosie Cecelio (Bronx, New York)

"Received my solar system bracelet in the mail today along with other special items. Thanks Bea from Astronobeads for spreading the cosmos to the world!"


More ❤️:
  • I love that the product is perfect for people of ANY age. Bought them as gifts for ages 13, 16, and 43.
  • My sister got me the Jupiter bracelet as a gift & I have not taken it off since I got it! I think you guys are doing the most amazing thing bring space & science into everyday life & I love it!
  • You rock my world!... wait universe!"
  • I often give Astronobeads as gifts. They are original, beautiful, handmade and always treasured by recipients."
  • Our nonprofit, space science center loves Astronobeads bracelets and purchased them for all staff. We get compliments on them all the time!"


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