Bernisa Zemic Jurisic (Banja Luka, Bosnia)
"The postman just put a smile on my face and the Solar system around my wrist.  Thank you for creating this jewelry! It’s perfect."
Esther Trevino (California, USA)
"My @astronobeads solar system bracelet comes with me on every space + science adventure go on ❤"
Lu Moony (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
"When I first saw @astronobeads bracelet (on @stationcdrkelly's twitter) I fell in love. Glad to have my own #solarsystembracelet now!"
Kelly Weber (Missouri, USA)
"Absolutely in LOVE with my Astronobeads! They are a constant reminder that even in the darkest of days there is a change coming."
Louisa (New York, USA)
"Thank you so much for making my bracelet! I love space a lot and was very disappointed when I lose the bracelet. I think it is so cool that you make products including space. I also love how you included the asteroid belt! Science is one of my favorite subjects in 5th grade!"
Stacey Severn (Connecticut, USA)
"OMG we did sidewalk astronomy tonight down by Yale, and I used my astronobeads more than once as an illustration to talk about the planets we were viewing!! I truly believe these beads will take you far AND educate."
Dr. Aomawa Shields (California, USA)
"Lovely welcome home package in my office. So thrilled to know about this astronomy artist! Art + Science = AWESOMENESS"
Heather Cameron (Rotorua, New Zealand)
"Look at what I received from Astronobeads today!
I’m so happy! I feel very special, thank you Bea, you are one in billions and billions. #AstronomicallyInfusedArt"
Erik Halverson (Asker, Norway)
"I have 5 in total now which I have given to people who love astonomy/astrophysics. Norway is spreading the love."