About Bea

Bigger than a Bracelet

Hi! My name is Bea,

And I am really curious. And fancy myself a creative. So much so, that even while pursuing a degree in business, I found myself doodling in notebooks and traveling to the observatory to star-gaze.

I’ve always been awe-struck by the beauty of our universe. By the planets, the stars, the science, and the all the things we are yet to understand.

It’s wonder-full.

But back to the beads…

So, I was taking Astronomy classes, business classes, and spending my evenings creating jewelry for friends. At some point, it just clicked; why shouldn’t I combine all the things I love!

What started as a great gift turned into a business. With the help of professors, friends, and mentors I launched Astronobeads.com. And from there, it TOOK OFF.

People from all over the world started buying my jewelry. I was shipping items to Australia, Israel, Romania, and Budapest, all from my humble desk in Columbia, Missouri. Crazy right?

I thought so too. Which led to some big life changes….

Business Bea

I became an Entrepreneur!

Because of all the amazing people interested in wearing and sharing the love of the cosmos, I was tossed head-first into the world of entrepreneurship.

Pitches, interviews, small-business seminars, and startup meet-ups. The professional world became MY world.

Which is a weird place to be. I’m a college student during the day, a professional boss-lady at night, and an all around busy Bea.

But overall, I’m so incredibly happy. I’m overjoyed I can spend my time spreading such an important message. Astronobeads is so much bigger than a bracelet.

Mini Me Astronaut

It’s the cosmic perspective.

No matter where we are on the planet, we have one thing in common. We are all living on the same pale blue dot. And in the grand scheme of the entire cosmos, we are rather small.

And no matter what language you speak, or what you believe, we can all look up at the sky at night and wonder.

The possibilities are endless.

This was something seven-year old Bea understood. And this jewelry line is the reminder to my 25-year-old self.

We are all connected.

Much love,

Bea Doheny